Setup Kodi media player

Kodi media player works more or less out of the box, but you might experience a black screen during video playback. This is due to lack of support for VAAPI hardware decoding of video files and can be solved by disabling VAAPI hardware acceleration:

Settings -> Videos -> disable VAAPI hardware acceleration

You can leave the VDPAU hardware acceleration enabled.

If you have videos stored in Video_TS folder (like a DVD), it is recommended to ask Kodi to treat the folder as one 'file'. In this way you won't have to choose the specific file to play: Kodi will show only one entry, and will choose the right file for you:

Settings -> Videos -> File lists -> Combine split video items

Kodi Has Implemented Digital Restrictions Management

DRM (Digital Rights Management)
With the work above being done in the video player a possibility came up to also allow something that opens Kodi up for using it in combination with DRM protected content. These days it’s quite common for content owners and providers to protect their content with encryption. With v18 we added the ability to also play this content as it was actually intended by the DRM system. Depending on the used hardware and included license you can now playback this content which usually also comes with a subscription service. Instead of the sometimes clunky apps a possibility would be to just use the trusted Kodi environment to watch what they have to offer. There are already several add-ons available from our repository that already use this capability and we certainly hope more will follow and that content providers will make their service available as official add-on.
this is their statement for implementing digital restrictions management


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