The 4.5 STS edition, codename Slaine, was released on March 24, 2011. It was updated to 4.5.1 in May of that year.

Slaine is an STS (short term support) version, and was supported for one year after release. It is no longer supported.

Software versions and distro editions

This release is based on Ubuntu 10.10 and as always it contains only free software, including:

Many important changes have been made in this version that significantly improve the Trisquel user experience. The fantastic Remmina client is now the default remote desktop application. For your social networking needs, Gwibber has been added, and to effortlessly back up your files, Déjà Dup is now included. The web browser has received some tweaks to optimize performance, and DuckDuckGo (which supports free software projects and never tracks its users) has been made its default search engine. Last but not least, the FlashVideoReplacer add-on comes pre-installed so you can watch videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and many other sites with good performance.

All of the editions support 32 and 64-bit architectures.


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