ThinkPads and Trisquel

First of all, you can install Trisquel on any ThinkPad.

While there are some ThinkPads which will work absolutely fine out of the box, most models will NOT have functioning WiFi and/or Bluetooth and/or GPU because the integrated cards require non-free firmware.

If the integrated connectivity modules on your ThinkPad do not support WiFi and/or Bluetooth, you can solve this problem by replacing the respective module (requires partially disassembling and re-assembling your laptop) or using external WiFi/Bluetooth adapters. See h-node for supported WiFi adapters.

Some models have ATI/Radeon GPU, meaning no 3D acceleration and no LibreBoot. Trisquel should still work on these models 3D acceleration disabled.

Older models

Some older IBM models have non-PAE processor and require a modified kernel to start. To install Trisquel on these models, first install Trisquel Taranis, which has a non-PAE kernel. Then install a newer non-PAE kernel and proceed to upgrade to your favorite version of Trisquel.

Jason Self kindly provides kernels for non-PAE systems at , give him a thumb up!


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