What is ThinkPenguin?

ThinkPenguin sells products freedom-compatible. Meaning they will work with just about any free software operating system. This is made possible by selling products with free software compatible chipsets.

Free software is a set of principles that ensure end-users retain full control over their computer. Free software can be used, studied, and modified without restriction.

The chipsets they sell encourage community development and user participation. Users can not be locked into a vendor or product, be forced into an expensive upgrade, or have other digital restrictions placed on them.

Everytime you buy a product from ThinkPenguin 25% of its profits will be donated to Trisquel project. To make Trisquel get a donation, you must buy your products only from this URL

Will ThinkPenguin hardware work with Trisquel?

Yes. ThinkPenguin hardware is supported since Trisquel 5.5. If you have any problem with your hardware, post a message on the forum, try updating your system or downloading the last developers version of Trisquel here.


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