Thunar is a lightweight graphical file browser that is part of the XFCE project. Nonetheless, it integrates the GNOME Flashback desktop environment nicely by not depending on the execution of an XFCE session and thus can be classified as a standalone program.

Thunar is very modular. It allows you to configure custom actions per file, providing an easy yet powerful front-end for customization. There are a range of plugins that have been included directly into the project over the years, but there are still some that are available on the Trisquel repository and will not be installed by default. As of Trisquel 7.0 LTS, these are:

  • thunar-archive-plugin - Archive Manager
  • thunar-gtkhash - Hash Manager
  • thunar-media-tags-plugin - Tags Manager
  • thunar-vcs-plugin - SVN and Git tools
  • thunar-volman - Volume Manager


The following table was generated directly from Thunars's default "accelerators" file at "/home/$USER/.config/Thunar/accels.scm". Note: Those that do not have a Keybind field value are possible to use, but not yet defined.

Custom Actions

The following code defines a custom action to show an "Open Terminal Here" option when right clicking a folder and is included by default in "/home/$USER/.config/Thunar". Note: Originally named "uca.xml"
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01/24/2015 - 20:31