Trisquel Pro

Trisquel Pro is no longer being developed. it is recommended to use the normal version of Trisquel instead.

Trisquel Pro is a 100% free software operating system for business use. Typical usage scenarios include accounting, billing, point-of-sale, office automation, and graphic design. It is based on the Trisquel 2.2.2 LTS (Robur) version of Trisquel.

Trisquel Pro comes with most of the packages of the standard Trisquel (excluding the GNOME games suite and Rhythmbox music player) in addition to numerous tools and applications that accommodate all kinds of professional environments.

Professional Packages

This is a list of applications that are specific to the Pro edition:

  • Document Production
  • Graphical Design
    • Inkscape - Vector image editor
    • Dia - All purpose diagram tool
  • Virtualization

Further development

According to the meeting 2012-12-18 no further versions are planned for Trisquel Pro. However, user-supported editions are possible if a volunteer is willing to step up as a maintainer.


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