The Trisquel Team

Although everyone who uses Trisquel GNU/Linux is a part of the Trisquel community, the work of maintaining and improving the project is mostly done by a small core group of individuals.

Project management

  • Sysadmin, packager & firefighter: Santiago Rodríguez Collazo a.k.a. aklis
    • Email address is bofh at trisquel dot info


The art team designs the visual assets (backgrounds, boot splashes, icons, window themes, screensavers, etc.) to be used in each new release of the distro. Currently the hub for art submissions and discussions is at Contact the blog owner Jose Benito to join.

  • Help wanted


The documentation team writes and maintains the documentation and web browser add-ons section of the website and keeps them current for each. The documentation is then translated from English to other languages by localization team members.

  • Editor: SirGrant
    • Email address is sirgrant at member dot fsf dot org
  • Help wanted (Please contact either SirGrant or quidam)

Bug Testing

Bug testers run comprehensive tests of pre-release (alpha, beta, and RC) versions of the distribution and file detailed issue reports. When bugs are found, the analogous version of Ubuntu is also tested to see if the bug can be duplicated upstream, and if so the issue is reported upstream to the Ubuntu project and to the maintainers of individual software packages.

  • Help wanted


The localisation team translates our abundant documentation and some other parts of the website from English to other languages. Fluency in the given language is a requirement.
If you are interested in becoming a Trisquel translator please join the Trisquel-translators mailing list

Spanish translators

Galician translators

French translators

  • Help wanted

German translators

  • Help wanted

Italian translators

  • Help wanted

Joining the Team

If you would like to be a member of the team, just contact Ruben on IRC or email.
Being an official member of the team requires more than just a general interest in the distro or occasionally giving feedback. Team members contribute some significant portion of their free time to the advancement of the project.
Every team member is expected to subscribe to and use the development mailing list and communicate on the #trisquel IRC channel on Libera.Chat regularly.


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