Working with Files and Folders

Much like other operating systems, Trisquel includes a file manager so the user can browse and manage their files.

This can be accessed from the bottom bar or from within the menu under "Places"


From within the file manager the sidebar helps you navigate around your system.

The first section shows you different parts around your home folder as well as the "file system" of your OS.


The second section will show any devices connected, these include other hard disks, USB drives, or CD/DVDs.


Can I use another file manager?

The default file manager included is "Caja", although Trisquel Mini will come with PCManFM instead because it is smaller and faster. In any case many other file managers can be installed from Trisquel's repository. However you may not get the same level of out-of-the-box integration from other file managers.

I am reading a manual that says I need to edit a certain text file, but I can't save any changes. The text file appears to be read-only. Is this a bug?

This is not a bug, it's a security feature. You have to have root access to edit config files, and this is to prevent a virus or malicious remote user from changing such files without your permission. To edit the file, open a terminal and enter the following:

gksudo nautilus
Then enter your password, navigate to the appropriate directory, and make your changes.

Always observe caution and make backups when editing config files.

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