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Forum TopicRestarting Icedove after a full reinstall of Trisquel_8 amenex36Hace 2 años 6 semanas
Forum TopicWorkspace Switcher's boxes are invisible amenex2Hace 2 años 6 semanas
Forum TopicSystem freezes while idle and screensaver is active amenex2Hace 2 años 6 semanas
Forum TopicWon't ##%%&&@@##!! detect sd card GNUbahn9Hace 2 años 7 semanas
Forum TopicUpgrading from Trisquel 7 to 9 on a T400 with libreboot janbaggerudlarsen9Hace 2 años 7 semanas
Forum TopicOdd behavior of awk applied to nmap data amenex11Hace 2 años 7 semanas
Forum TopicOn the screen saver, please make the Trisquel logos spin. pluvial2Hace 2 años 7 semanas
Forum TopicA script appeared to finish, but is still running amenex2Hace 2 años 7 semanas
Forum TopicUpdate from 8 to 9 - no internet connection pfm8Hace 2 años 8 semanas
Forum TopicEtiona things my Flidas is the development version amenex42Hace 2 años 9 semanas
Forum TopicWhat are the pros and cons regarding installing on my own computer ? amenex3Hace 2 años 10 semanas
Forum TopicMouse configuration gone awry amenex1Hace 2 años 10 semanas
Forum TopicFlidas reluctant to start after software update amenex1Hace 2 años 11 semanas
Forum Topictoo many bounces, list subscription disabled Zelphir Kaltstahl1Hace 2 años 14 semanas
Forum Topicwget router pages? GNUbahn2Hace 2 años 15 semanas
Forum TopicJust-partitioned USB flashdrive has an elusive name amenex9Hace 2 años 16 semanas
Forum TopicAbrowser and zoom stearinljus lys12Hace 2 años 18 semanas
Forum TopicSyntax of an if ... then ... action statement amenex15Hace 2 años 19 semanas
IncidenciaAR9271 no longer works with kernel 4.4.0-186-generic PublicLewdness6Hace 2 años 21 semanas
Forum TopicTrisquel software update broke my WiFi connection amenex9Hace 2 años 23 semanas
Forum Topicwordpress icecat ssl connection failed eric232Hace 2 años 25 semanas
Forum TopicA sed script to replace one HTML string with a different one amenex8Hace 2 años 25 semanas
Forum TopicTrisquel 9.0 Etiona Fully updated Gapcoin Core........CAN WE BUILD IT? LpSkywalker15Hace 2 años 26 semanas
Forum TopicCan Icedove's search email function be improved ? amenex1Hace 2 años 27 semanas
Forum TopicFind the instances of each of a list of strings and print each set in a separate file amenex14Hace 2 años 28 semanas