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Forum TopicScript needed to compare one two-column file with another two-column file amenex4Hace 3 años 34 semanas
Forum TopicScript to execute multiple nmap scans amenex8Hace 3 años 34 semanas
Forum TopicSyntax trouble with awk while trying to process a list of PTR domains with subdomains amenex4Hace 3 años 39 semanas
Forum TopicSeparating hostnames having multiple IPv4 addresses from a long two-column list amenex14Hace 3 años 41 semanas
Forum TopicSort and Uniq fail to remove all duplicates from a list of hostnames and their IPv4 addresses amenex6Hace 3 años 50 semanas
Forum Topic"Abrowser feeds backup.opml" just appeared on my Desktop ... amenex3Hace 3 años 51 semanas
Forum TopicRekonq ignores my request to set the default search engine amenex2Hace 4 años 1 día
Forum TopicProblems modifying grub richardEU2Hace 4 años 4 días
Forum TopicTrouble with CD/DVD drive - CDROM not recognized amenex2Hace 4 años 6 días
Forum TopicKompoZer ... again amenex0Hace 4 años 8 semanas
Forum TopicA pesky send-message window pops up whenever I try to open an instance of File Manager amenex13Hace 4 años 8 semanas
Forum TopicClose open ports amenex3Hace 4 años 10 semanas
Forum TopicIcedove profile migration amenex5Hace 4 años 12 semanas
Forum TopicLenovo T420 with Windows 10 not recognizing USB dongle amenex4Hace 4 años 12 semanas
Forum TopicExternal HDD crashes after multiple mount attempts amenex1Hace 4 años 13 semanas
Forum TopicAbrowser can't see my email accounts in cPanel amenex2Hace 4 años 14 semanas
Forum TopicOdd Icedove message retrieval behavior after recent trisquel update amenex3Hace 4 años 25 semanas
Forum TopicLibreOffice 5.0 not sorting sensibly amenex3Hace 4 años 29 semanas
Forum TopicIntel D865GLC motherboard won't boot from a USB thumbdrive bearing bootable Trisquel_8 amenex3Hace 4 años 32 semanas
Forum TopicUnable to mount blank CD/DVD - Disk is already mounted - but there's more amenex6Hace 4 años 32 semanas
Forum TopicPanorama is broken in Flidas by the absence of pto2mk amenex2Hace 4 años 35 semanas
Forum TopicWifi issues with TL-WN822N USB adapter: it connects but seems to shut down after few minutes despite updates Philippe_Duteil14Hace 4 años 36 semanas
Forum TopicWebHTTrack Website Copier not working in Belenos strypey7Hace 4 años 36 semanas
Forum TopicAnother Wine problem ... Out of memory amenex9Hace 4 años 38 semanas
Forum TopicBroken package install in Flidas amenex1Hace 4 años 41 semanas