to delete second installation of Trisquel 11 on a different partition

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I had a Trisquel 11 installation besides Windows (which I don’t use).

The harddisk was running slow, so I changed that to a SSD harddisk.

After that I had to install Trisquel 11 again on a different partition,

because the cloning with a Win programme of the harddisk deleted the
Trisquel GRUB bootloader;
and it was necessary to get GRUB again for the start of my first
Trisquel 11 installation.

So I have now 2 Trisquel 11 MINI installations.
How can I get rid of the second Trisquel 11 installation, so that the
original Trisquell 11 is not touched and can be booted.

How can I delete the entry of the second Trisquel 11 installation in the
because to formate the 2 partitions with Trisquel 11 (one for /root, one
for /home) doesn’t delete the boot entry, AFAIK.

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I would first backup my data and re-install GRUB from the system I want to keep booting into:

Then I would double-check and format the partitions on which the other system was installed, and run update-grub.

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format the partitions

Or even delete them and expand the nearby partition(s) in the freed space.