T400 laptop with 3D acceleration for gaming

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After disassembly of my main rig, for parts, I have purchased locally T400 laptop.

Now when my PC is no more, I still would like to play some games using Wine on linux.

Has any one successfully played games on T400 laptop with proprietary video drivers enabling 3D acceleration? How was your experience?

P.S.: Purchased T400 to libreboot it myself, however due to objective being overwhelming am trying this instead. I do not recommend using proprietary software.

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If the T400 is still working you can get it to play Libre Games (0ad, Supertuxkart, etc). Those all play great (even though mine is librebooted, which is better for graphics). For proprietary games I don't know. Sorry.

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1. Our community's resources --the forum, documentation, etc-- are for free software only.

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0ad looks interesting. Will try to install it for the learning curve.

Good that I made this post in Troll Lounge, less likelihood of getting wrecked for talking about non-free software.

Regarding privacy risk, for now all I can do is use no-script and add blocker in my browser.

As for security risk I use reinstall. Luckily Debian/Ubuntu/Linux mint all reinstall easily. I really liked the looks of trisquel 7, it worked on my main rig out of the box with no issues.