What makes UNFREEDOM. Origins of life-disapproving atmosphere.

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I am very sorry for posting this message in "trisquel users", but, please, read book "Summerhill - A Radical Approach To Child Rearing", which is already translated at least to 16 languages (English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Serbian, Polish, Hindi, Marathi):
Just a few quotes:

"Summerhill began as an experimental school. It is no longer such; it is now a demonstration school; for it demonstrates that freedom works. When my first wife and I began the school, we had one main idea: to make the school fit the child--instead of making the child fit the school."

"Logically, Summerhill is a place in which people who have the innate ability and wish to be scholars will be scholars; while those who are only fit to sweep the streets will sweep the streets. But we have not produced a street cleaner so far. Nor do I write this snobbishly, for I would rather see a school produce a happy street cleaner than a neurotic scholar."

"I find that the parent who worries most about Billy’s learning to read and write is one who feels a failure in life because of lack of educational attainment. It is the self-disapproving parent who believes in strict discipline. The jovial man-about-town with a stock of obscene stories will sternly reprove his son for talking about excrement. The untruthful mother will spank her child for lying. I have seen a man, with pipe in mouth, whipping his son for smoking. I have heard a man say as he hit his son of twelve, “I’ll teach you to swear, you little bastard.” When I remonstrated, he said glibly, “It’s different when I curse. He’s just a kid.” "

"The children have classes usually according to their age, but sometimes according to their interests. We have no new methods of teaching, because we do not consider that teaching in itself matters very much. Whether a school has or has not a special method for teaching long division is of no significance, for long division is of no importance except to those who want to learn it. And the child who wants to learn long division will learn it no matter how it is taught. Children who come to Summerhill as kindergartens attend lessons from the beginning of their stay; but pupils from other schools vow that they will never attend any beastly lessons again at any time. They play and cycle and get in people’s way, but they fight shy of lessons. This sometimes goes on for months. The recovery time is proportionate to the hatred their last school gave them. Our record case was a girl from a convent. She loafed for three years. The average period of recovery from lesson aversion is three months."

"Most of the schoolwork that adolescents do is simply a waste of time, of energy, of patience. It robs youth of its right to play and play and play; it puts old heads on young shoulders.When I lecture to students at teacher training colleges and universities, I am often shocked at the ungrownupness of these lads and lasses stuffed with useless knowledge. They know a lot; they shine in dialectics; they can quote the classics but in their outlook on life many of them are infants. For they have been taught to know, but have not been allowed to feel. These students are friendly, pleasant eager, but something is lacking-- the emotional factor, the power to subordinate thinking to feeling. I talk to these of a world they have missed and go on missing. Their textbooks do not deal with human character, or with love, or with freedom, or with self-determination. And so the system goes on, aiming only at standards of book learning -goes on separating the head from the heart."
"The molded, conditioned, disciplined, repressed child--the unfree child, whose name is Legion, lives in every corner of the world. He lives in our town just across the street. He sits at a dull desk in a dull school and later, he sits at a duller desk in an office or on a factory bench. He is docile, prone to obey authority, fearful of criticism, and almost fanatical in his desire to be normal, conventional, and correct. He accepts what he has been taught almost without question; and he hands down all his complexes and fears and frustrations to his children. Psychologists have contended that most of the psychic damage to a child is done in the first five years of life. It is possibly nearer the truth to say that in the first five months, or in the first five weeks or perhaps, even in the first five minutes, damage can be done to a child that will last a lifetime. Unfreedom begins with birth. Nay, it begins long before birth. If a repressed woman with a rigid body bears a child, who can say what effect the maternal rigidity has on the newborn baby! It may be no exaggeration to say that all children in our civilization are born in a life-disapproving atmosphere. The time table feeding advocates are basically anti-pleasure. They want the child to be disciplined in feeding because non-timetable feeding suggestsorgastic pleasure at the breast. The nutriment argument is usually a rationalization; the deep motive is to mold the child into a disciplined creature who will put duty before pleasure."

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Here is some of the books attached in this post - but without spanish, polish, serbian translations, because they are much larger than ~2mb. So I didn't attach them here. In order to get them, go to the link above which will lead you to the "[rutracker.org].t4485614.torrent"

(Actually, to get the books, you may also use the links below, but BEWARE of google-analytics and other tracking & surveillance stuff in there! I am sorry of that, and by giving these links I don't want to encourage people to use such services, but I don't know better service for make such archive-uploads and I don't want some people couldn't have a chance to get the books in any way they could.)
spanish book: http://rghost.net/48202107
polish book: http://rghost.net/48201845
serbian book: http://rghost.net/48201924

Also please visit this great list of free software alternatives:

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However good this school may be, this is:

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c) Copyright infringement

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A slave does not really want freedom. He is incapable of appreciating freedom.
Outside discipline makes men as slaves inferiors, masochists. They hug their chains. They claim for copyright, for censorship. They are among that man who gets up at a meeting and says: "I was thrashed as a kid and it did me a hell of a lot of good" is virtually saying: "Look at me. I’m a success in spite of - even because - of my early thrashings." Enslaved woman must give her son to the wars that man calls "defensive wars, patriotic wars, wars to save democracy, wars to end wars."

But freedom means the conquest of ignorance. A free people would need no censor of plays or of costumes. For a free people would have no interest in a shocking thing, because a free people could not be shocked. Free people are unshockable - not because they are advanced in sin, but because they have lived out their interests in shocking things and have no more use for them as subjects of conversation or wit. Free people are free souls and they are free to share things. Copyright would restrict their lives. It is the law that makes the crime.

"But how will your free children ever adapt themselves to the drudgery of life?" I hope that these free children, free people will be pioneers in abolishing the drudgery of life, that also means abolishing copyright, for to restrict sharing things is antisocial.

For example "they" tell you: "If you want freedom, write your congressman." Why do you have to write them? He should know all those things. When you fly on an airplane, you don't have to write the pilot, say, "you've been flying at an angle for a half an hour. Straighten up." They know their business. The same for government. If you "steal" just a little (like to share a books) - they will put you in jail. If you steal a lot - they put you in government.

When you put a man in prison, say, he stole a watch that costs 150 dollars. And that's the fourth time he committed that crime. So you put him in jail for seven years. Figure the costs of that (not to mention how cruel is to put somebody in jail). Feeding him, medical care for seven years... That's a hell of a lot of watches you can give him!? Let him have the watch! Let him have the books they want to! It's much easier and cheaper to give people the thing they need than to restrict or to kill them. "They" understand this, and they want you to believe that copyright is important - and it will distract a millions of people from real problems.

If people are free, and they need things - they will share things, and will have things they want to. In the 1980's Richard Stallman used to sell programs on the magnetic tapes for quite a bunch of dollars, but at the same time he put same programs at the ftp server so taht people could download it in any time. And he did the job, because he is able to do things, to create things, to make something to make our world better place to live. But, in the other hand, if you are slave - you cannot do any thing. Slave can only to conform and to take away things. So slaves have to invent rules/"rights" which will help them to keep in power, to keep the things they have stole. They invent copyright and censorship. Our criminal code is a long record of cruelty disguised as justice.

To support copyright, means to support ignorance. You support to keep spreading the sort of people that goes out with neither ideas nor ideals. They would join up as cannon fodder in any war, never stopping to consider what the war was about and why they were fighting.

So, what about to make our world such a place where things like copyright wouldn't even appear?

"Like everyone, he had been taught since elementary school that sharing books was nasty and wrong—something that only pirates would do."
from "The Right To Read" written by Richard Stallman.

Slave is not capable to take much broader look at our world. For example he/she do not think about where America got America from (nothing about debates on America. It's just historical example). You think the Indians said: "Come on over and enjoy yourself, take all the land you want"? No, we kill thousands of Indians. We starved 50 million buffalo to make it tough for the Indians. And the Indians have fought back. They really tried to take some land back. But the government decided that they want "to get rid of those aggressive Indians. That wouldn't conform to what we wanted." So they offered 10 bucks for every Indian you killed. And the guy walked over and said: "I just killed 10 Indians." Then government says: "How do we know that? Bring back a piece of the Indian." So they started scalping. Americans, not the Indians. And we brought back 10 scalps to collect 10 bucks for every Indian you killed.

Tell me now, how did one ask for copyright or any other right in such a situation? It is the law that makes the crime. If you support such a "rights" that keeps people divided from sharing things, then you support ignorance, you support all the problems we have on Earth today. The mere fact that the copyright and censorship still exist is a clear sign which shows that our world is sick.

Some children get terrified by the biblical story of the children who were eaten by bears, yet no one advocates the censorship of the Bible. Many children read the Bible searching for obscene passages. Many small boys know them all, chapter and verse. Why nobody explain all these events? Why just about copyright? Your are clapping the mosquito whereas the tiger is going to tear you to pieces. Is this really so much of importance to support copyright, to support censorship, to support to forbid sharing Summerhill books?.. If you forbid sharing these books, you take away a people's chance to get understand their own pains, to recognize what freedom means. Because if they don't understand what freedom means, then freedom will fall, because they will not bother to close their hands, if they don't know why. Let people have a chance to grow in freedom. We are all looking for love. Let people have a chance to share these love. A. S. Neill share love to us. So, please, read his book "Summerhill - A Radical Approach To Child Rearing"... you don't even need to translate it. It's already translated at least to 16 languages. And, yet, Summerhill book is very relevant to Trisquel as software development. Freedom is what is all about. Free Software is not about elimination blobs in the kernel, it's about free society and being good neigbour.

And also please share this picture which shows some of the translation names of the book: http://i47.fastpic.ru/big/2013/0712/ef/8ada977214a473fa43204add6ea30aef.png

Or take it from the attachment below: