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Forum TopicA Testing ISO For Trisquel 11 jxself19Il y a 26 semaines 5 jours
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Forum TopicTrisquel 9 seems to be gone after BIOS update Lappi14Il y a 29 semaines 3 jours
Forum Topic"Please install all available updates for your release before upgrading." amenex3Il y a 29 semaines 5 jours
Forum TopicUpgrading from etiona to nabia amenex8Il y a 29 semaines 6 jours
Forum TopicMemtest86+ stalls on a pair of Thinkpad T420 laptops if either has two memory modules installed. amenex0Il y a 30 semaines 3 jours
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Forum TopicCooler (fan) high on t400 with libreboot. augustoborin3Il y a 32 semaines 10 heures
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Forum TopicGRUB problem amenex1Il y a 32 semaines 6 jours
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Forum TopicOrdinary update mangles my profiles.ini settings in Icedove amenex2Il y a 38 semaines 4 jours
Forum Topic"No polkit authorization to perform the task" amenex5Il y a 38 semaines 4 jours
Forum TopicUnintended unattended upgrade in progress during shutdown, please don't turn off the computer amenex4Il y a 38 semaines 6 jours
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