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Forum TopicInstallation de Trisquel 10.0 sur un ordinosaure Trisquel-192013Il y a 1 jour 20 heures comptabilisés
Forum TopicTrisquel 9 seems to be gone after BIOS update Lappi11Il y a 4 jours 7 heures comptabilisés
Forum TopicMake live USB using live USB? Lappi3Il y a 4 jours 7 heures comptabilisés
Forum TopicGNU tar observations Avron6Il y a 2 semaines 1 jour
Forum TopicTrisquel 11 Needs A Name Ark7445Il y a 2 semaines 2 jours
Forum TopicDosbox and VirtualBox should be removed from repos because it can be used to run non-free software wrenchie5Il y a 2 semaines 3 jours
Forum TopicSWITCHED FROM TRISQUEL TO DEBIAN DUE TO JUST IT'S CODENAME !!! :(( SabirSaleem9037Il y a 2 semaines 5 jours
Forum TopicEcran Hanns-G ratatiné (suite) Trisquel-19205Il y a 2 semaines 5 jours
Forum TopicInsufficient space to upgrade JimG1Il y a 2 semaines 6 jours
Forum TopicLocation of .log files Hans8Il y a 3 semaines 4 heures comptabilisés
Forum TopicTardsplaya v2.0 is now officially available Zero3K4Il y a 3 semaines 5 jours
Forum TopicFree software to test the SSD Hans3Il y a 3 semaines 6 jours
Forum TopicAre phones secure? Hans19Il y a 4 semaines 23 heures comptabilisés
Forum Topichelp me build linux-libre compatible desktop for my friend Abhiseck Paira2Il y a 4 semaines 2 jours
Forum TopicWhat's the name of the package of "GstRtp"'s library? Follow up question: how to install all dependencies of a tar file? Staircase6Il y a 4 semaines 6 jours
Forum TopicHelp for text editing GNUser129Il y a 5 semaines 2 jours
Forum TopicGetting '--MORE-- unknown key 0xff detected' when booting Thinkpad WAGMI_992Il y a 5 semaines 5 jours
Forum TopicNeed help with find app Hans2Il y a 5 semaines 5 jours
Forum Topic'configure: error: You need the boost signals library to compile Ekiga' - what can I try to fix this error? Staircase8Il y a 5 semaines 6 jours
Forum TopicNo automatic updates IBM11308Il y a 5 semaines 6 jours
Forum Topicerror installing abrowser deb package tonlee19Il y a 6 semaines 15 heures comptabilisés
Forum TopicIs Cloudflare safe to use? Hans13Il y a 6 semaines 16 heures comptabilisés
Forum TopicLibrebooting my Desktop hate2915Il y a 6 semaines 1 jour
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Forum TopicHighlight every instance of all the members of a group of strings found in a target file amenex25Il y a 6 semaines 2 jours