Starting an installable Live-System

Start an installable live system

A Trisquel Live CD / DVD / USB makes it possible to try Trisquel without installing it permanently and thus without risk for the integrity of the system currently installed or data (nevertheless readable and modifiable). The Live CD / DVD / USB also allows you to install Trisquel (last section of this manual). But before all that, it is still necessary to start the Live system ...

This manual assumes you already have a Trisquel Live CD / DVD / USB on hand. If this is not the case, refer to one of the following two manuals:

Burn an installable Live CD / DVD
Create an installable USB Live

Start the Live system

Put the Live CD / DVD in the player or USB key in a USB port;
Restart the computer (actually restart: do not sleep, hibernate or even stop, Microsoft has decided that from Windows 8 the word "stop" would mean "hibernate" !);
If a screen "Trisquel" appears where to choose a language, it is gained: to choose with the arrow of the bottom then the key "Enter" the "French" then "To try Trisquel without installing it";
Otherwise your usual operating system starts; to start the Live system, you must first "ask" the BIOS or UEFI to prioritize an operating system on CD / DVD or USB rather than internal hard drive: the following section explains how.

Start the Live system as a priority
Preliminary note

Configuring the BIOS or the UEFI (modern equivalent) of your computer may seem difficult or risky. However, there is no need to worry: all BIOS or UEFI configuration tools have a way to return to the default configuration. If that's what you want, look for something like "Restore defaults". Also, no BIOS or UEFI configuration will lead to the loss of your current operating system or files. In short, do not be afraid to "try" and "retry" different configurations if you can not start the Live system on the first try.

Restart the computer again, but as soon as it is powered on, press the key repeatedly to access the BIOS or UEFI configuration or, better, to directly select the device to boot from (not all BIOS / UEFI have this feature); this key can be briefly indicated on the screen just after switching on the computer; otherwise, try "Delete", "Esc", "F2", "F9", "F10", "F11" or "F12" which are the usual keys;
If you can directly choose the device to boot from, choose the CD / DVD drive or USB device depending on the media you have; if a screen "Trisquel" is displayed where to choose a language, it is gained: to choose with the bottom arrow then the key "Enter" the "French" then "To try Trisquel without installing it"; otherwise, restart again and this time enter the BIOS or UEFI configuration;
The BIOS or UEFI configuration is usually navigated with the keyboard arrows and the "Enter" key; we can often, in this way, change the language of this configuration tool for French;
What we are trying to configure has an appealing "startup" also known as "booting" ("boot" in English): look for these words in the menus;
If the computer is relatively recent, it is necessary to "disable" ("disable" in English) the "UEFI boot" or "secure boot" or choose the "legacy mode" or " BIOS mode "(again, denominations vary from one computer to another);
Change "boot order", "boot sequence", "boot priorities", ... to position the CD / DVD drive or USB device before the internal hard disk; this is typically done by selecting a device and pressing the + (or -) key to move it up or down in the list; again, these keys differ from one computer to another; they are nevertheless indicated on the screen;
Save the changes and exit (in English, "Save & Exit" or "Save & Quit") the BIOS or UEFI configuration tool;
If a screen "Trisquel" appears where to choose a language, it is gained: to choose with the arrow of the bottom then the key "Enter" the "French" then "To try Trisquel without installing it";
Otherwise, repeat the entire procedure by trying a new BIOS or UEFI configuration; do not despair: this configuration is often confusing but we get there!

Install Trisquel from the Live system

If, after trying it, you like Trisquel, you can install it on the hard drive. The Live system includes a GUI installation tool. It is executed by double-clicking the "Install Trisquel" icon on the desktop.

The installation procedure is very simple. It is structured in a few steps clearly explained: choose the language (French), an installation on the entire hard disk or next to the existing operating system (the system to start is to be selected soon after the computer is turned on) , the time zone (depending on where you live), the username (what you want), its password (long enough: for example, three or four words that have nothing to do with each other) and the system name (what you want). It is also possible to encrypt the user data by checking the corresponding box (protection against theft and no difference in use).


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