Abrowser getting behind on updates

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Iscritto: 07/15/2009


I've notice that abrowser is getting behind on the updates, AFAIK the current release is 46, meanwhile we have 44 at Trisquel.

Is there some change on the update schedule for Abrowser?



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Iscritto: 02/01/2011

What I'd like to understand is what kind of challenge each new release of Firefox brings to the Trisquel team. Since I have no idea how a new release of abrowser is built, I apologize if the following question is totally naive and/or stupid, but can't the Trisquel team "just" apply an existing package helper that deals with freedom issues to the upstream Firefox package? Isn't this how some Ubuntu packages are patched for Trisquel? What's particular about Firefox?

Iscritto: 10/26/2015

Debian had Iceweasel which was a rebranded version of Firefox. It was never behind upstream for very long; they now just use upstream Firefox in 'unstable' and 'testing'.
Abrowser is Firefox with Duck Duck Go as search engine, and a few features turned off that are a privacy concern.
It does not, as far as I can tell, modify Firefox to a great extent. Firefox is very complex and is hard to modify, as the developers of Pale Moon found out. Abrowser does not seem to do this.
So it is a mystery. Firefox is a pain to compile though so that may be it.
Personally I like IceCat better, but Abrowser has its place.