Buy Libreboot preinstall cheap

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Iscritto: 10/21/2020

(my English is poor)

Before i want to buy a Librebooted Thinkpad from Ebay, but Ebay ban me without any reason. Now i cant buy from Ebay.

Where i can buy Librebooted Thinkpads cheap? and i found this site on the internet: , what you think about it? i think that is not working anymore and the PayPal bottom don't work.

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Iscritto: 07/24/2010

You can buy from the founder of the Libreboot project:

Iscritto: 12/11/2020

I cannot confirm that site is legit because I never made business with them.
I would be cautious doing business with them though.
The prices are really low, it's a lot lower than any I have ever seen before. Prices from my experience from different sellers sites are usually 2x-5x higher.
That is a warning sign. They could maybe have sourced old computers for peanuts who knows..

But they also link to their "ebay store" that don't exist.
Their blog have some posts that have a title but post inside is just the template text. As if they are totally incompetent using a computer or just trying to make fake post count on the blog.
And there is more little things that are off to me.
Site looks a bit halfassed to be honest.

Not saying it's a confirmed scam, it just looks weird to me.

Iscritto: 07/17/2013

Cheap is not something you can find when trying to buy Free Software oriented hardware...
I would buy from the RetroFreedom, it's not more expensive than other sellers and you get trustworthy machines. The service is also good, especially now that Leah got things running again.

EDIT: That being said, I am very pleased that we get another player in the game of delivering Librebooted machines. I checked their website and it seems like they are just starting... Wish them luck!