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Iscritto: 02/19/2016

I have acquired a number of librebooted and librebootable devices recently. But I have to buy parts for all of them. In some cases in order to make them work, in other cases to make them work better.

For each part I need to figure out which item/part number/version is compatible with the computer and of course libreboot. Next I have to start searching for where to buy/acquire them.

As far as I know, there isn't a - as in 'one' - place where such information is collected.

I would like to contribute to a collection of such information, firstly about which parts and items are compatible and what the differences are (i.e. properties and (dis)advantages)

Could a such 'database' be a part of the Trisquel site or should it have one of its own? Any suggestions of where and how to start?

PS: I think a such site should also comprise information about e.g. commands to retrieve data about display, ram, cpu etc etc

Iscritto: 02/19/2016

And tricks for getting the most out of a given device. E.g. fan/temperature control and keyboard settings of MacBook 2,1
Iscritto: 07/03/2016

This is certainly a great idea, and something I would like to see. However, it wouldn't be appropriate on the Trisquel website (it doesn't pertain to Trisquel in any tangible way), and even the Libreboot website might not be the best place (it isn't really about Libreboot itself so much as the hardware). It definitely needs its own URL- I unfortunately can't help with that, apart from suggesting (it's available as a URL).

Iscritto: 02/19/2016

I just bought the url:

I have no idea about how to set up such a site though. Can you help and/or guide me?

Anonymous (non verificato)

If you haven't got any hosting yet this might be worth checking out because they offer librebooted devices to host your website. I don't have any experience with setting up a website, but Wordpress seems like a good free CMS.

I wish you the best of luck.

Iscritto: 02/23/2012

I can help you. You can also use as a hosting provider.

They offer free hosting to free software projects at no cost.

PS: h-source is the software running , you can get the source code from this address:

Iscritto: 02/19/2016

Thanks. I looked at Vikings and they look good and most appropriate for the purpose. I'll look further into their products.

I have to start from scratch, so if you have any advice on how to do this, I would be happy.

I suppose I have to

1) find hosting for the site
2) figure out how to load or install (?) e.g. wordpress to the hosted harddisk (space)
3) figure out how to set-up wordpress
- landing page: Information about liberating your computer and a list of compatible devices. This should also include information about libre OS
- subpages for each device comprising descriptions of variants and possible issues about parts and a device specific easy to read how-to
- a page dedicated to discuss the 'best' options for software method and hardware flashable methods respectively
- a sort of forum (is registration necessary to avoid spam?)
- links to libreboot, libre OS, FSF, including pages where one can read more
- Perhaps a list of known retailers of librebooted computers?

And then there is the question about style and looks! Simple and clean.

Suggestions are much appreciated.

Iscritto: 02/19/2016

The page about parts - or a separate page about spare parts - should discuss and if possible give information about parts, e.g. batteries, which can improve (and prolong?) the performance.

Iscritto: 02/19/2016

And how to upgrade e.g. ram, i.e. which type
Iscritto: 07/03/2016

The above plan sounds great! There are a few things I would suggest, though:

*The landing page should probably serve as introduction to the website's purpose and links to key pages, rather than as an information page in itself. Definitely have stuff about OSes on the wiki, but just link to it from the landing page.

*Registration probably isn't strictly necessary to avoid spam, but there's little harm in having it anyway.

*Definitely links to retailers! Not only is it relevant, but I'm not sure if there's a particularly complete list of them on the Internet currently.

*A buyer's guide would be interesting. It could potentially offer a comparison of (inherent) device characteristics, tips for where to find items, recommended market price etc.

Iscritto: 02/16/2016

I bought a few libreboot devices myself and I'm willing to help out (although those are the most common thinkpads)

Iscritto: 12/31/2012

Also, not specific to Libreboot, there is [[]], which
also has a guide on how to get information about various hardware parts,
see [[]].

Also, perhaps you can talk to people at h-node so as to extend things in
the way you just suggested because, currently, there is a question that
the tester has to answer in regards to the computer being added, which
asks: "does it have a free boot firmware (BIOS,UEFI,...) ?".

- [[]]
- Palestrante e consultor sobre /software/ livre (não confundir com
- "WhatsApp"? Ele não é livre, por isso não uso. Iguais a ele prefiro
GNU Ring, ou Tox. Quer outras formas de contato? Adicione o vCard
que está no endereço acima aos teus contatos.
- Pretende me enviar arquivos .doc, .ppt, .cdr, ou .mp3? OK, eu
aceito, mas não repasso. Entrego apenas em formatos favoráveis ao
/software/ livre. Favor entrar em contato em caso de dúvida.

Iscritto: 02/19/2016

I got a good offer from, and they will help with the hardware part of setting up the site.

They offer to help with "VPS + operating system with a decent enough performance" and they suggest MediaWiki

They also expressed concern about the name - - since it is not that easy to say. I like it though and don't think it is that difficult to say. and it does signal quite precisely what is the purpose.

I would like to hear your comments on this solution and ideas of where to start - I am new and have never tried this before.
Iscritto: 07/03/2016

It sounds good- I do think a wiki would be a useful format, and it seems like they should be an immense help with this. Their concern about the URL is understandable (the l..r..l string isn't ideal), but I agree it's probably not too bad- it's an entirely clear and logical address for a site about Libreboot-compatible devices, which is probably more important than a fluid name.

In any case, I unfortunately can't offer too much help beyond potentially adding entries. Hopefully somebody else a little (or lot...) more experienced has something to offer!

Iscritto: 04/03/2017

GNUbahn, are you still working on this? we in libreboot might be able to help out