gNewSense 4 is already (somewhat) useable!

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Yes folks, it's stable already (at least for me), using the repo deb ucclia main.

Having said that, I'll admit into cheating into #!'s repos to get Compton and to get Iceweasel and Icedove, and I took MATE's volume manager from Wheezy's backports repo, and LibreOffice was taken from their web site.

Things doesn't seem to work for GNOME either, as the libc6 package seems to conflict with at least a dependancy of it, along with many packages in Ubuntu Precise PPAs (i.e. LibreOffice and compton).

Other than the above, it's great (though I used Jason's kernel here since the version in its repos is too old for my laptop anyway, pre-release or not).

davidnotcoulthard (non verificato)

Forgot the screenshot!

(Oh, and the theme was taken from Numix's PPA, apart from the Google+esque Openbox theme, which I downloaded from Deviant Art)

(And note that the repo I used above is only one of the mirrors. something like should work equally well)

1 More note: An LXDE setup like that does NOT come with gNewSense.

Screenshot from 2015-01-10 14:57:26.png
Iscritto: 07/05/2014

That is really cool. While I'm sure we all think Trisquel is really cool - I think I can speak for everyone that it is awesome to see other 100% Libre distros continuing the good fight.

Will try this out at some point.

davidnotcoulthard (non verificato)

Anyway, ignore my GNOME complaint - the offending package came from Docky's PPA rather than gNewSense's repos.

Iscritto: 05/26/2014

Wow, thats awsum tawsum! Free but eyecandy.


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Iscritto: 10/31/2014

the more the better. will try it the day it enters stable..
p.s - it looks very pretty!!

davidnotcoulthard (non verificato)

That config doesn't come with gNewSense by default, though, mind you (the screenshot's purpose was showing the sources.list file).

Iscritto: 12/05/2014

how did you get lxde to look like that? o.o
i wish gnewsense 4 did look like that!

Iscritto: 05/27/2013

Ucclia has been running great on a 9 year old desktop - gNewSense4 beta - Xfce4 DE - greybird window theme - Faience Azur icons by tiheum on DeviantArt - Conky by oldgeek at Libre101 - Exaile playing Árstíðir(2009) by awesome Iceland band, Árstíðir (their 3rd album Kickstarter for $20,000 received $68,959 - - Wallpaper is Cubes from LinuxLite (non-free distro, but the artwork is incredible) - Browser is Pale Moon 25.1.0 by Moonchild, because I like the old 24.0esr framework.

@davidnotcoulthard - That's a nice looking desktop. BTW, Sam finished LibreOffice and uploaded it this weekend. Still working on Iceweasel.

@tomlukeywood - on *nix desktops, the look has always been users' choice! :)

@Heather - Just downloaded latest live Blag alpha and will test against Tails for security. Hope to share my $.02 opinion later.

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Iscritto: 12/05/2014

i relise that the DE was the users choice but my eyes have never seen such a perfect desktop!

i must try diffrent themes one day i guess!

btw do you know how to change de's on trisquel 7?
i could not find a option to.

Iscritto: 11/07/2009


Iscritto: 04/22/2013

Please tell us about your theme - it looks awesome!
Who said again that free software looks ugly?

Iscritto: 06/29/2013

Wait a second, BLAG is still alive? And it is focused on security?

Iscritto: 04/19/2012

> Wait a second, BLAG is still alive? And it is focused on security?

Yes, there is info on their Trac website:

and more info on their mailing list:

plus suggestions and thoughts on their "pad" (warning: requires
JavaScript, although it appears to be free software):


Iscritto: 05/26/2014

I have Blag alongside Trisquel. You won't have much problem using it.

Iscritto: 12/05/2014

my problem is when i run
apt-get install mate-desktop
and restart
i get no icon next to my username???

davidnotcoulthard (non verificato)

About my LXDE desktop: Here's my ~/.config/lxpanel folder!

And the GTK+ theme: (Icon theme is the Numix Bevel one found in the PPA)

The Openbox theme:

The Compton command I used: compton -C -c -r4 -l-6 -t-4 -b -f -D30 -I0.45 -O0.45 -i0.80 -G
Wallpaper from Mint Nadia.

@islander How did you make Faenza icons look like that on an FF-based browser (the only time Faenza icons've looked like that for me is in KDE apps)? Or is that default Palemoon (which I've never tried) behaviour?

P.S. The setup is for my 1366x786 monitor and I hard-coded some size configs so for those on other resolutions you'll probably need to edit the settings a bit.

lxpanel.tar 10 KB
Iscritto: 12/05/2014

"most of us are going to be using Tor Browser Bundle anyway"
icecat has inbuilt tor when you switch to private mode

davidnotcoulthard (non verificato)


Is it the same as Dagda? I've got Dagda installed.

Iscritto: 05/13/2010
davidnotcoulthard (non verificato)

I mean the startup audio (should've indicated so).


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Iscritto: 09/19/2011

The startup sound from Brigantia is still available in Trisquel 7 (I can't properly spell his name, ever). LOL.

Go to
menus->system settings->startup applications and select Add. then, do the following:

Command: /usr/bin/canberra-gtk-play --id="desktop-login" --description="GNOME Login sound"

Comment: Startup Sound

On next login or restart, you'll have that lovely music!