Greetings Trisquel users

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Iscritto: 05/24/2014

Good days,
There's a bit of time I am Trisquel user. I am very happy with the Operating System.
Would like to know if I could activate my touchpad right button in the bottom taskbar of computer's system.
Today I installed Trisquel on my friend's computer and have the failed keyboard after installation. The computer is new and has 4 GB RAM, but i don't know if the installation was perfect.
 Have good nights!
Thiago Zoroastro

Iscritto: 07/11/2014

Click on the Trisquel icon on the bottom left and you should see System Settings there. In it, look for mouse and touchpad settings. You should figure from there ;)


I am a member!

Iscritto: 11/20/2012

I believe that's not his problem: he should try a combination of Ctrl, Alt or Super while right-clicking the taskbar.