GRUB problem

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Iscritto: 01/03/2015

After installing Trisquel_10 (nabia) on a USB-connected hard drive, the
GRUB Rescue window came up on the following reboot. I found that the
second operating system partition on /dev/sda had been erroneously labelled
the boot partition, so I re-labelled it as a root partition.
The GRUB rescue window says tha a file (normal.mod) is missing, but it's
located in the boot folder of /dev/sda1 that is labelled as boot on /dev/sda. T
here are actually three boot folders, one in the 11 GB /dev/sdd1 USB-connected
HDD and two in /dev/sda, only one of which is correct.

Iscritto: 01/03/2015

After renaming the three bogus boot folders (all on /media/trisquel, distinguishing
them from the boot folder on /dev/sda1) each to no_boot, I reinstalled Trisquel_10
yet again, only to be met once more with the complaint that normal.mod could not be
found. However, that file is actually present in the remaining boot folder.

To be absolutely sure, I created folders sda1 and sdd1 in /mnt and mounted /dev/sda1
and /dev/sdd1 in the new folders, respectively. I made sure that sda1 has a boot folder
and that sdd1 has a no_boot folder. The only other drive with a boot folder is the live
USB drive containing the live image of Trisquel_10.

Still, no joy.