have you installed signal on replicant?

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Iscritto: 09/08/2014

How do you install signal on replicant? Thanks.

Iscritto: 02/07/2016


I am using Signal on replicant. Just download the apk file from the signal homepage and open it. Then it will be installed. But keep in mind to upgrade to the new replicant version fist 6.1 003, otherwise yout system will crash.

I described the problem here: https://redmine.replicant.us/boards/9/topics/14639?r=14668#message-14668

In general it works fine with replicant.

Iscritto: 09/08/2014


Newest version is replicant 6.0 0003?

In security, unknown sources must you enable allow installation of apps from unknown sources?

You download the signal apk. Move it to a sd card. Where do you locate the signal apk file on the replicant phone?

>open it

How do you open the signal apk?

Thank you.

Iscritto: 07/05/2014

Doesn't Signal usually use Google play services to make the contact links? I know there is a Libre version (https://fdroid.eutopia.cz/) but it uses a different server backend to make it work.

Am I missing something here?


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Iscritto: 07/07/2013

This was true for a long time but not anymore. As far as I can see, at some point (not too long ago) the pressure was too big and they released a version independent from gapp (several people made forks, some using Signal(TM)'s brandname and these were threatened with legal action). An official apk is now available through their website and it is independent of gapp, though I think they say somewhere that it is not recommended.

From the little I know, Marlinspike (OWS founder) looks down on most others. At some point I remember he claimed he would not create a non gapp dependent version because he would not have all the download and usage stats that google provided his company (aside from defficient push notifications).

He does not hold the free software community in high regard and is happy to collaborate with all the largest digital monopolies. As I remember he also claims to be an anarchist but does not seem to follow that philosophy through his actions.

Having said all of this and from a purely utilitarian point of view, Signal has provided an easy-to-use platform for non-technical people. It is a shame they would not make any effort for the technically capable, ethically concerned users. I hope an easy to use federated chat run by down-to-earth people will be available and will achieve at least similar userbase among non-technical users someday.

On the upside, he seems to be a good coder and there's been at least one independent audit at Oxford Uni that found no major flaws in design. OWS's work has probably made government mass surveillance more difficult on every platform that uses Signal's code (Though who is to say what code Facebook is actually running or whether they've introduced backdoors).

The following thread is a request to include Signal on f-droid and is quite enlightening of Marlinspike's (username: Moxie) attitude toward free software, federated networks (XMPP and Chatsecure in particular), monopoly corporations and his peers: https://github.com/LibreSignal/LibreSignal/issues/371] Edit: I wrote "he claims to be an anarchist" not as a criticism of Anarchism but to say that his actions do not seem coherent with an anarchist political philosophy.


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Iscritto: 07/07/2013

Edit for mailing list:

[1] Edited to explain that saying he claimed to be an anarchist was not a criticism, but rather that he does not seem to be so based on the actions and philosphy he espouses for his software development.

[2] Changed from "a federated version" to "an easy to use federated chat" which is what I meant.

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On 22/12/17 03:22, wrote:
> Doesn't Signal usually use Google play services to make the contact
> links? I know there is a Libre version (https://fdroid.eutopia.cz/)
> but it uses a different server backend to make it work.

Humm... I think not. I have not Google Play, but I have Signal.

> Am I missing something here?

I get the feeling that I'm missing something too.

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