Help with installing Trisquel on MacBook?

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Iscritto: 09/01/2014

I'm having an issue with booting the system on my Mac Book.
I have created my USB and everything is installed successfully but when I reset holding down the Alt key I'm only being given the option to select my Mac HD and not the USB.
Could you give me an easy guide on how to fix this?

I downloaded the Trisquel 700MB CD iso image, GNOME desktop, 64 bit.

Iscritto: 01/22/2011
Iscritto: 07/05/2014

I have no idea about the 700MB CD image, I know the full release works fine on a MacBook (run one myself). Try a different image (AMD64) and see if it can see that instead?

As for MacBooks restricting booting, so long as it has an EFI boot loader it should work fine. The real difficulty comes in when try to run multiple partitions, that I cannot help with. I stayed away from putting Trisquel on my Mac for a long while because it seemed to complicated to install - that was until I found out that I could blow away OSX entirely via the installer. Happy days since then. :D

davidnotcoulthard (non verificato)

Try a "proper" CD. Perhaps try having Super GRUB2 disk on it (I'm not sure it boots to the USB drive, though).

A more surefire option is The Plop boot manager (burned to a CD). It's not free though since it can't be used commercially. But I know it works.