"I want again to be a prophet today"

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Iscritto: 06/29/2017

I want today once again to make a prophecy: if the international Jewish financiers within and without Europe succeed once more in plunging the Nations into another World War, the result will be not the Bolshevization of the world and with it a victory for Judaism. The result will be the extermination of the Jewish race except 144,000.

Adolf Hitler

Speech to the Reichstag [January 30,1939]

Masaru Suzuqi -under review-
Iscritto: 06/06/2018

I am under the impression that every existence is a racist. Every existence seems to feel inferior complex and superior complex according as racism, or discrimination, or maybe saying difference would be proper. Can anyone give me an example of an existence who is not racist? If you hide the thought, you are not racist and if you open the thought, you are racist?? Is not that "true desire and feelings vs. publicly stated opinion"? 建前と本音。Someone writes on the web that in West people express their thoughts straight so they have not the idea of a proper translation of the word 建前 (true feelings) but... is that really so...? Is not that just the hypocrite? Hey, goodness of West.

Iscritto: 02/12/2015

> Can anyone give me an example of an existence who is not racist?

I have two cousins who were born with Down syndrome - what we used to call "mentally retarded". When you ask about someone who is not racist, I would think of my two cousins. They seem to just trust everyone openly and not have any reason to categorize people. It would seem that the need to categorize people is based on some desire to exert superiority, as you said.

Iscritto: 02/01/2019

Great sample. So we have to learn a lot from them, and try yo be fair and trat everyone equal.
It's difficult as we used to lean in very simple mode, if one time (or more) you had (or heard/saw) a person in group A (race, ethnic, whatever...), we will try to avoid them and even we will spread the idea otf this band is dangerous or not trustable.

Iscritto: 04/05/2020

I have got nothing against race-realism. It is when racists use race-realism to prop up their racism, that I get pissed off.

Next thing we know, we cannot even talk about differences between ethnicities without sounding like a racist. Then we end up living in a world of language-police.

We must be vigilant. There is always evil that will hide behind good. Our job is to see through the ploy. Rather than allowing the evil to taint the good which it is hiding behind, we must isolate the evil from the good and drag it into the light.

An example of this are the Nazis. 'Nazi' stands for 'National Socialist' . In this case, the Nazis(evil) hid behind Socialism(good) . The evil will use the good to legitimize itself, and the unfortunate fallout from this is the reputation of the good becomes tainted.