Just thank you...

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Iscritto: 02/29/2016


I don't come often to the forum. just felt like saying thank you to all those who have been contributing to the Trisquel GNU/Linux project through the years. I feel grateful for that. I have been a happy Trisquel user for some years now. Long live the project !

That's all... :)c

Pablo G

I am a member!

I am a translator!

Iscritto: 05/16/2012

Yes, I think this is a great project.
I'm happy to use Trisquel and being a little part of this.
Hopefully more fantastic news to come !
Free Software 100 %
Go ahead! Don't give up!

Iscritto: 03/28/2015

I totally agree with you guys
I'm happy to be a part of this important project
Thanks you all
Free Software Fighters