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Iscritto: 03/28/2015

Hi to all,
My apologize if this is a wrong section.
I'm Kernelpanic and i hope that nobody see me after boot.
I'm a new italian Trisquel user and a new member of FSF. The FSF opened my mind regarding the real concept of Free Software that I confused with Opensource. Now i'm using only free software on my pc's and smartphone too. I'm a Gnu/Linux user since 2003 but it is only recently that I realized the true meaning of freedom (better late than never :) )
So,what else?I'm happy to be a part of this community and I will help to make known to others the true meaning of freedom.
I'm sorry for my bad english. I'll be waiting for Italian section

Iscritto: 08/13/2014

Hello and welcome!.

Do not hesitate to ask here about what you can not readily find using search engines that is related to Trisquel or the free software philosophy.

Are you sure that you are really running a fully free system in your computer phone (“smartphone”)?. If so, what difficulties have you faced?.

Iscritto: 05/13/2010

Welcome old f(r)iend! ;)

I found these resources on free software interesting

* (rms bio)

Iscritto: 03/28/2015

My smartphone is an Huawei G7 and unfortunately is not yet supported by cyanogenmod's team. But this smartphone was a gift so i couldn't said no. I complete stop using any google service and any playstore app. I'm using only app by F-Droid store. I'm waiting for a supported cyanogenmod rom to set it free.
On my Dell inspiron 7720 notebook I'm using Trisquel with a network cable because there aren't free drivers for the integrate wi-fi card.
On my Sony Vaio 13" I'm using trisquell with a bad resolution because there aren't free driver for ati video card that support the right resolution.
But if is this the price for freedom I can accept it.
I'm looking to replace the Vaio notebook with the Sanres Penguin GNU/Linux Notebook on think penguin. I'm putting money away for Christmas gift ^_^
Ps. Ciao lembas,did you see me after boot in the past? :)
and Ciao marioxcc

Iscritto: 02/19/2015

As far as I know, Cyanogen Mod is not 100% free software. I'm not a smartphone user, but from what I've learned, Cyanogen Mod may be more freedom-friendly than Android, but still contains non-free parts and firmware, which is required for most phones to work properly. I believe that the only 100% free mobile operating system is Replicant, which is supported by FSF.

As for computers, most of them still contain a non-free BIOS. This problem is being tackled by the Libreboot project.

For complete freedom, you can purchase a laptop from Gluglug, but it is a bit dated.

I personally use Lenovo B590 with Parabola. I had to buy a USB WiFi card, but now it works properly. I think ThinkPenguin is one of the best choices, though. A company called Purism crowd-funded a high-end 100% free laptop recently, but they failed at making the BIOS free, so a performant computer with Libreboot seems to remain a dream for now :/

Iscritto: 12/05/2014

"Cyanogen Mod may be more freedom-friendly than Android"
cyanogen mod is a distribution of android as is Replicant

"For complete freedom, you can purchase a laptop from Gluglug, but it is a bit dated."

you can also install libreboot yourself.
the most modern computer libreboot runs on is the t500:

its also reported that although the non-free bios blocks it
after you have installed libreboot you can use quad core cpu's with the machine see here for details:

not that you need a very fast computer to run gnu/linux well
i have a x60(librebooted) and it runs fine with trisquel 7

Iscritto: 05/30/2012

CyanogenMod is not completely libre; only Replicant is. CyanogenMod is more or less similar to distros like Ubuntu and Mint. Unfortunately, Replicant only runs on a limited number of devices, so a lot of the time CyanogenMod is the best you can do.

For what it's worth, FSFE has a guide to maximizing your freedom in your phone, if you can't use Replicant:

Iscritto: 03/12/2015

Yeah. Also, Replicant is based off CyanogenMod, which means it only runs on devices that CM also supports. If your device isn't supported by CM, there's no way Replicant will support it either.

Iscritto: 03/28/2015

Yes I was looking for replicant os smartphone but unfortunately all devices have a problem with wi-fi because need proprietary driver, if i dont remember wrong. Isn't it?

Iscritto: 12/05/2014

just to let you know you can install the non-free wifi firmware on replicant if you rely want to
and although this is bad for freedom/privacy its better
to run a system with replicant and a non-free wifi firmware

than to run a system such as cyanogen-mod which has
and lots of non-free firmware and
some malicious features like for example sending what ever you type in the default browsers url bar to google
which replicant has removed

i also recommend watching this video to learn more about replicant:


I am a translator!

Iscritto: 10/31/2014

ciao kernellume panicoso! Benvenuto nel mondo del free software! Divertiti e propaga la buona novella!

Iscritto: 01/19/2014

Welcome to the community!!!

Iscritto: 03/28/2015

tomlukeywood thanks for video.
Supertramp83 fa piacere vedere un italiano qui :)
HuangLao thanks for welcome

Iscritto: 07/05/2014

Welcome to this wonderful community. Hope we can help with any questions you have.

Iscritto: 03/28/2015

Jabjabs thanks for welcome :)