Not gettng emails from Trisquel maling lists

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Red Starfish
Iscritto: 06/24/2020


I have two email accounts subscribed to mailing lists "Trisquel-users"
and "Freedom-miscs". But last email I received was on 1st September
2020, in both of my email IDs.

So I checked the web-archive of those mailing lists and I can see many
emails have beeen exchanged after that but I've received none.

So, I was wondering if I'm the only one facing this problem and how to
solve this.


PS: I am getting other emails in those mail boxes though.

Iscritto: 01/07/2020

I also haven't been getting any mails from the mailing list for a while. I'm also still getting other mails.
Maybe the mailing list is broken or on a blocklist or something.