Oracle security chief wants you to stop trying to reverse engineer their code

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Iscritto: 05/15/2011,2817,2489435,00.asp

Worth a laugh. I don't use their tech and if a gun was at my head to use Java, thankfully there is OpenJDK.

Iscritto: 07/05/2014

This truly puts it into perspective just how deluded some people are and how they are trying to convince people to not do good - it is worrying that they where convinced at least temporarily that there where no issues with this blog entry.

It is simply to keep their profit margins high, that is not a good motive in any sense.

Iscritto: 05/13/2010

Funny, security vulnerabilities don't go away regardless if you bury your head in the sand...

Iscritto: 12/05/2014

one very good way to keep your computer safe is only using a local network you have control over or no network at all using only Ethernet cables on a libre router

and just use a separate computer for any internet access that is at no point connected to your local network

a bit inconvenient but it would work...