Power consumption is more with trisquel 5.5

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Iscritto: 07/12/2011

In my hp probook , trisquel 5.0 gives a battery life of 4:30 hours. But when I installed trisquel 5.5 it only gives maximum of 3 hours. How can I reduce battery consumption in 5.5?
Also brightness resets into maximum after every reboot. What should I do?

Iscritto: 05/31/2011

the kernels from 10.10-11.10 have a problem with power consumption, with 10.10 it's hardly noticeable but the problem has increased over a couple new releases. However, Ubuntu 12.04 has a patched kernel that vastly improves power consumption, and I believe the next Trisquel should also include this patch. In the mean time I recommend just use 5.0 for better battery life. You could also try the Jupiter applet which will help with battery life.

Iscritto: 05/13/2010

If it's a kernel thing you can pick new versions here http://www.fsfla.org/~lxoliva/fsfla/linux-libre/releases/

You can try using the powertop command (from powertop package) to see what's using power. How well it works depends on your hardware.

Can you modify the brightness with software? If yes, then you could write a script that saves settings at shutdown and restores them at startup.

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Iscritto: 07/24/2010

If the problem was recently fixed in the kernel (and I believe it was), you can choose to install its later versions on Trisquel 5.5 Brigantia. Thanks to this repository, this is very easy.

Iscritto: 07/12/2011

I just removed 5.5 and installed 5.0. Now problem is solved. I think i should wait for 6.0 LTS.

And it would be better if anybody suggest trisquel team to have a software for changing proxy in 6.0 LTS. 5.5 donot include it..


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Iscritto: 04/19/2011

El 28/06/2012 21:55, name at domain escribió:
> And it would be better if anybody suggest trisquel team to have a
> software for changing proxy in 6.0 LTS. 5.5 donot include it..

Unfortunately the utility to change proxy settings within GNOME 3 was
only introduced at a later stage. However, we should get it
automatically with Trisquel 6.0 which will include a later version of

In the meantime, depending on your proxy needs, you can configure GNOME
3 proxy settings using the terminal:

There is also a helper script (proxydriver) that updates proxy
information depending on the connection used in Network Manager:

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