Ram upgrade for x60 Libreboot

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Iscritto: 07/27/2021

Hi, could you tell me which ram works best for x60 t7200 with Libreboot? I have 2 GB and I want 4 GB. I heard the ram is better if it's the exact same 2 sticks, so which one should I buy?

Iscritto: 05/01/2018

The maximum supportable memory on X60 is 3 GiB. Therefore you need one 2-GiB and one 1-GiB modules. Even if you install two 2-GiB modules, the usable memory is still 3 GiB (due to 945-series chipset limitation).

Almost any later Intel platforms (starting X61's GM965) could support 8 GiB or more. Unfortunately, GM965 temporarily doesn't have coreboot support.