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Iscritto: 05/24/2014

Thank you.
I see y'all on the forum.
Seem the mailing-list are very busting/occupied.
I prefer forums. :)
 Have good days.
Thiago Zoroastro

De: name at domainEnviada: Quarta-feira, 23 de Julho de 2014 06:47Para: name at domainAssunto: [Trisquel-users] Greetings Trisquel usersClick on the Trisquel icon on the bottom left and you should see System Settings there. In it, look for mouse and touchpad settings. You should figure from there ;)

Iscritto: 12/25/2012

Welcome to the community Thiago! (= With every purchase in need mind Software Freedom, you shall be good then. Otherwise for hardware compatibility you may use As far as I can tell, I've tried Trisquel first in version 3.0 or 3.5. Good old times, constant hard & soft CPU lockups due to extremely experimental nVidia chip support.

Still I wish to become a paying member. Unsure whether Rubén the founder, is still coding the brighter future for kids in form of Sugar OLPC learning desktop environment simultaneously while being a lead maintainer of GNU IceCat fork of Mozillian web browser.

[RAMBLE] Anyways, seems like in ver. 33 there is gonna be this controversial OpenH264 cross-platform implementation, we shall see then.. I hope for EME extensions disabled by default as well. It relates to their newly launched Gecko Media Plugin facility [END_RAMBLE]

Have a nice user experience and don't get discouraged by any challenges you face on road to independent computing and digital nomadism. ;D