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Iscritto: 05/20/2015

Hey Sam,

Trisquel is a great free distro. It should be able to do just about everything you want out of the box.

The only real trouble you may have is if you want to run a particular piece of hardware that no one has written a free driver for yet. (Like a Wi-Fi card in many laptops) . If you do run into such, the best thing you could do for the community is to write one yourself, or pay someone else to.

Other options would be to find a different piece of hardware that there is a free driver for to replace it.

As an option of last resort you could use what I refer to as a PDFOS (pretty damn free OS) like Debian GNU/Linux see if they have a non-free driver for your hardware (likely would load automatically) and the deactivate the non-free repository and never use it for anything else.

Otherwise welcome, and I look forward to hearing your adventures.

Happy GNUing

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Iscritto: 06/19/2015

And yet you use Android.

Iscritto: 12/05/2014

they could be using free android system:
this is my openmoko running a free software android(and of course theres Replicant)

also if they are using non-free software for most people it takes time to use only free software on there machines so don’t criticize them too much for it

Iscritto: 07/17/2015

The info here is fascinating. For someone with a technical background, albeit not in I.T, I find the challenges posed by migrating to free software a real brain teaser. I like that.
Perhaps by learning to write software and becoming proficient I can provide help to the community. At least I don't have to worry about a phone, I don't own one. I have to use one at work, but it's a 'dumb' phone. (And rarely switched on...!)