Secure/Anonymous VPN Services

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Iscritto: 12/03/2013

I'm using SecurityKiss Open VPN sevice, but I wonder if that's totally secure...
What other free Open-VPN that is anonymous would you recommend? What security measures do you use?

Iscritto: 11/05/2013

Ceveral years ago, I was using hotspot shield on my Apple computer.
But being recommended by New York Time, CNN, Fox and all kind of medias owned by bloody bastards doesn't create a great confidence to myself.
And I don't this this is a free software (I hope I don't mistake myself about the term free software, guys)

This is not exactly VPN but there is a little solution you can use on every computer and every browser :
It is totally free, but you'll find some problems if you want to watch videos for example. Nice to read simple pages. You can do a IP location test by enter a IP location test URL.

I wanted to recommand this good URL. This can be useful everywhere you go.

I'm wondering if I really need a VPN when using Transmission to do P2P or torrent to hide my IP.