Trisquel Debian Edition?

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Iscritto: 06/03/2021

I've seen speculation that the reason the Mint team created Linxu Mint Debian Edition was a sort of foresight insurance policy against being tied to Ubuntu. As Ubuntu continues to become more nonfree and difficult to clean, I'm wondering Trisquel Debian Edition makes sense.

Iscritto: 03/15/2020

I used to care about Trisquel being based on Ubuntu but at the end of the day until another FLOSS distro becomes as easy to setup and use as Trisquel then I will stick with them. I have tried Parabola; Hyperbola; Pure OS; GUIX; and the Antix libre spin and none were as close to what I wanted as Trisquel. Closest was Pure OS or Antix but I still came back.

Iscritto: 01/01/2018

I suspect I will be unpopular for this view, but I like Trisquel *because* it is based on Ubuntu. It has a number of packages I'm familiar with, and am working towards using Trisquel in the place of Ubuntu wherever possible. That being said, my Desktop machine that I have owned for numerous years (before being aware of what Free/Libre software even was) runs Ubuntu as the hardware is non-Libre, but I cannot justify the cost to replace it with Libre Hardware.

Perhaps in a few years I can pick up a Raptor POWER system... One can dream!

In short, I like the Ubuntu base. Peace.


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Iscritto: 07/27/2010

Ubuntu used to be a great base. The biggest most supportfull (of newbies especially) community - here in Germany at least, but probably a great community in other places too.

Huge repository, because of their Debian roots. Plus the PPAs for all what is missing, or is outdated.

And a steady dev-cycle, not too fast and not too slow.

All great things about Ubuntu. But the problems are getting bigger with time: more and more non-free software, ACTUAL spyware built into unity DE, pre-installed Amazon services...

I can't recommend Ubuntu to anyone anymore, even if their hardware needs blobs to function. If you must have blobs, use at least Kubuntu or another of their spin offs.

Have no fear of expensive upgrades for libre-respecting hardware. At some point one always must purchase a new PC. PCs that will run perfect with trisquel can be had for little money, you don't need to go overboard.

Get a used motherboard for Intel core2duo. With integrated Intel graphics. X4500 preferably. Max out the CPU and RAM. Re-use your old drives, case and PSU. That's it. Want more 3d power? Buy a Geforce card. Consult this forum before buying that one, it can be tricky.

If you want a core2duo CPU, I still have 2 spares.

Iscritto: 05/01/2018

If there were a Trisquel Debian derivative, I'd switch to it immediately without thinking twice, and immediately switch to testing/unstable.

Ubuntu did no contribution to its Debian upstream (whatever is missing in Debian main is also missing in Ubuntu main/universe), but added lots of anti-features. I don't appreciate Canonical's efforts in making its distribution "user friendly", either. Vanilla desktop environments in Debian are just as good, but users don't get annoyed by spyware/adware introduced by Ubuntu.

Iscritto: 12/01/2016

Thanks for the reference to Antix Libre Spin and I found it here
Please continue the Debian topic, friends.

Iscritto: 03/28/2021

I'd prefer a Devuan derivative, so we can get rid of SystemD.

Iscritto: 01/01/2018

All are good points. The issue being familiarity or ease of access for new users. As I said further up I've been using Ubuntu for years, so moving to an Ubuntu-base Trisquel is relatively easy for me. Learning a new Init system or way of managing packages isn't something I'm keen to do, just get on and do stuff!

Thankfully there's usually a Distro that works for everyone, from beginner to middle (me) to power users. An interesting thread this has been.