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Iscritto: 05/01/2023

Hello, after seeing the "How Trisquel Made" page [1], I am searching for more info about the fabulous project Trisquel.

On Trisquel Aramo (source.list empty of source repository):

> apt list --all-versions |grep -v "^$" | wc -l

1) Is this really the package count in Trisquel?
2) Was each package checked manually?
3) In package-helpers repository [2], there is 329 helpers, so is there only 329 packages modified from Ubuntu?
4) How to know the number of packages coming from Ubuntu, from Debian or homemade or from other?
5) Is there somewhere a story about the package review at the start of the project? Because it was an huge challenge!
6) How many packages are updated each day from Ubuntu? Is there a human review on each update?
7) How many package reviewers are there nowadays?

Thank you.


Iscritto: 09/13/2010

Don't forget to include ubuntu-purge. Keep in mind that one source package can result in several binary packages being made so this seems not an accurate count. Also, human time is expensive and machine time is cheap. It makes the most sense to automate. In this way human time can be spent on the tooling and making sure it's doing the job correctly.

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Iscritto: 07/24/2010
  1. With option --all-versions, apt list... lists all versions. :-) You usually want to count one single version per package. apt list | sort -ut / -k 1,1 | wc -l outputs 64985, which is for some reason 14 more than 64971, the number Synaptic reports (certainly the right one).
  2. I doubt the Trisquel project looks at the source code of every package it ships, if this is what you mean. However, Debian/Ubuntu, which are upstream, have probably done that work when they decided the package belongs to "main" (for Debian and Ubuntu) or "universe" (only for Ubuntu) and the Trisquel project compiles the every source package.
  3. That is my understanding.
  4. Of the 64985 lines apt list | sort -ut / -k 1,1 outputs, awk '$2 ~ /trisquel/ { ++t; next } $2 ~ /ubuntu/ { ++u; next } { ++d } END { print d, u, t }' tells 50924 packages neither contain "ubuntu" or "trisquel" in their versions and certainly are unchanged from Debian, 12137 contain "ubuntu" but not "trisquel" and are therefore unchanged from Ubuntu and 1924 contain "trisquel" and are therefore modified by the Trisquel project. I believe that the difference with the number of package helpers is due to packages that must have matching versions and that the same package helper modifies (or not): 0ad with 0ad-data and 0ad-data-common, a11y-profile-manager with a11y-profile-manager-doc and a11y-profile-manager-indicator, etc.
  5. I do not think such a thorough review existed.
  6. I do not know how to answer. However I believe apt list --all-versions | grep -c aramo-updates gives the number of packages that received at least one update since the beginning of Aramo: 9091.
  7. Ruben Rodriguez (aka quidam) and Luis Guzmán (aka Ark74) do all the work dealing with the packages, as far as I know.

Anybody (especially quidam or Ark74) can correct me: I have probably written a few wrong pieces of information.