Trisquel_10 (nabia) fails to detect Hewlett-Packard P1505n network printer

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Iscritto: 01/03/2015

This printer has been used with Trisquel_7 though Trisquel_9 without any trouble.
Upon installing Trisquel_10 in place of Trisquel_9 (etiona) the printer became undetectable
through the Printers function under System/Administration detects no printers.
However, when entering its IPv4 address in Abrowser's address line the complete printer page
appears in an HTML file. It's not broken.
A windoze_10 'puter on the same network has no issues with this printer.

See: http://localhost:631/help/network.html where it's said ==>
CUPS_DEBUG_LEVEL=2 /usr/lib/cups/backend/snmp @LOCAL 2>&1 | tee snmp.log run as root:
sudo CUPS_DEBUG_LEVEL=2 /usr/lib/cups/backend/snmp @LOCAL 2>&1 | tee snmp.log gives two log files, access_log and error_log, both of which are attached as text files.

access_log.txt2.67 KB
error_log.txt271.74 KB
Iscritto: 01/03/2015

Trying a Trisquel_10 installation on another Lenovo T420 it turns out that the
second T420 has actually discovered and installed the P1505n, so I copied
/run/cups/* from that 'puter to a 2.0 TB HDD that can be USB-connected to
either computer, and thence to the printer-illiterate T420. Alas, even armed
with the identical settings to the working installation, it's still not connecting.

Iscritto: 01/03/2015

Here's the solution:
1. Start Trisquel-10 (nabia) with a live USB dongle.
2. Identify the IPv4 address of the printer.
2.Go to System/Administration/Printers and follow the prompts to install the printer
with the correct drivers; cups will list a near-infinite number of printer makes
and models. This step is straightforward; no hidden steps.
3. If you can print a test page, the printer is installed. You're not done yet.
4. With GPartEd, find out where the root directory of the first HDD is located
and make note of its location; mine is at /dev/sda3.
5. Make a directory at /mnt/MyDirectory.
6. Mount /dev/sda3 at /mnt/MyDirectory.
7. With the terminal, navigate to the /run directory in MyDirectory; list its contents.
8. The contents of /run in MyDirectory probably won't have a /run/cups folder; if not, create one.
9. With another instance of the terminal, navigate to the live Trisquel's /run/cups folder;
there should be three files there with today's date stamp. Copy them with the -R argument
to the /run/cups/ folder in MyDirectory that you created in Step 8.
10. Shut down the computer and remove the Trisquel_10 USB-dongle.
11. Restart the Trisquel_10 installation that's in the computer's first hard drive.
12. Go to System/Administration/Printers in the installed Trisquel_10 and follow the prompts
to re-discover the printer at its already-known IPv4 address. This also is straightforward.