Troubleshooting Geoblock on Abrowser/Trisquel

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Iscritto: 05/21/2021

One of my financial institutions has decided to refuse to let me log in on Abrowser/Trisquel, instead taking me to a page stating I cannot log in from outside the US. I am based in the US, and am not using a VPN when trying to connect. I've never had this problem before. Does anyone have recommendations for getting around this?

Iscritto: 04/01/2021

When did the behavior change?

If you visit this duckduckgo page:, the first line before the search results should give you your IP address, and the approximate location it is supposed to be associated with.

If it matches your actual location, then the website you are referring to is most probably spotting a false positive based on some other browser settings. Static vs dynamic IP might also increase your risk score, and trigger the block. I am under the impression that recent Abrowser security hardening triggered that behavior for some intrusive websites. In my case, the change was short-lived, though. A matter of hours and the captcha (I had no reason to be geoblocked, so I got captcha instead) was gone.

Iscritto: 02/12/2015

I believe that websites (or the people who create/maintain them) are insane. Many times there's no rhyme or reason as to why they stop one browser setup and let another through. Often if I am given a captcha while using abrowser, I can just switch to Tor browser and try a couple of Tor nodes and find one where the same website won't require a captcha. Go figure. You would think that if they were going to stop anything, they'd stop traffic coming from a known Tor node. Maybe I'm just getting lucky and finding new Tor nodes that haven't been put on the "bad" list yet.

Jorah Dawson
Iscritto: 12/13/2020

Try changing this in about:config
geo.enabled to true