uTox client as skype free software alternative

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I am a translator!

Iscritto: 10/31/2014

I've been wondering if any of you guys have tried tox voip?
I installed it today, tried talking to a friend who uses ubuntu. No luck..
chat works ok but sound is choppy or not working, I hear a strong echo of my own voice and very little fragments of my friend's. video is very slow and low quality.
I use jitsi with ostel and it works pretty good. I just thought that Tox may be great to stay in contact with people who use windblowz as it is very simple to use and doesn't require any skill to be set up, while jitsi is not (not for windows users-their knowledge is usually confined within "double click .exe - next- i agree - next - finish...)

p.s. - I installed it adding the repo which is on the official site

wget -qO - https://repo.tox.im/tox-apt.sh | bash
apt-get update && install uTox

didn't try the nightly builds..

Iscritto: 01/12/2014

Yes, I heard about it and installed it also in the phone but I haven't tried it yet.
If it works, it could be a good replacement to propose to those who use skype.
Right now I use Jitsi too but I have to explain to my friends how to set it up... they are still capable of getting annoyed.