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Iscritto: 03/15/2020

So my wife is starting plans to open a small business in the near future and in the past for a school project she had used SquareSpace for website building and hosting. She liked it because even as someone who had never written a single line of HTML she could use their tools to make a decent looking website because most of it is drag and drop based not actual coding. My question is from a FOSS perspective how bad is SquareSpace and are there any better alternatives for those who are not adept at actual HTML coding ? Price isn't an issue as she was going to be going with their $18/month plan anyway.

Iscritto: 02/02/2021

You can use LibreOffice's Draw to create HTML pages. Magic Ba**** told me about it when I asked a similar question on this forum a long time ago.
I managed to create a web page using Draw, but the usability sucked (really sucked). To be more specific, you should think that it is almost impossible to put the image where you want it to be.
I may have used it wrong, but when I created a web page 10 years ago using proprietary software called HomePageBuilder, I was able to place what I wanted just as well by dragging and dropping, so I still think the usability of Draw is terrible (really terrible).
It's not something I would recommend to anyone at all, but it is not impossible to create a webpage with it, and it's installed by default in Trisquel, so it might be a good compromise if you can't find any decent software.

Iscritto: 03/19/2020

I was certain WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get (or rather What You See Is What You Hope You'll Get - WYSIWYHYG)) editors are a flawed concept because even if you manage to make something that looks good, it is unlikely to still look this way under different browser window size and also might be suboptimal (resulting in bigger html than necessary). If you still want to go this way, you might want to take a look at the following Wikipedia pages:

Licenses are given on those pages, so you'll know which editors are free.

As to squarespace, it seems to have some free software projects:
However, among them I didn't notice anything looking like the actual website with service. Looks like a SaaSS but I haven't verified toroughly