Breadcrump theme

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In trisquel 7 build, the GTK+ breadcrump theme is a bit broken. You can notice this e.g. in gnome-control-center.

When you click on a control panel element it switches to that page (in most cases) and displays a breadcrump on top. The active element should somewhat be highlighted. This is the case when you click on the last element in the breadcrump, it then gets a blue boarder (which looks a bit out of place in this theme).

So I would suggest to replace the blue active element border with a bright shine and make it outline instead of inline. I would also suggest to fix the issue that the element is not automatically highlighted when the control center section is selected, but maybe that's an upstream GNOME bug.

Gio, 08/07/2014 - 03:06
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Not quite sure what you mean there, could you provide some screenshots?