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Keyboard suddenly ignored in all gedit 3.10.4 windows. Other applications and bash terminal not affected when this happens. Closing all gedit windows and starting over solves problem for a limited time. On last occasion, typed input appeared with arbitrary characters missing, regardless of typing speed. Am running linux-image-3.13.0-74-lowlatency on ASUS E420M.

Gio, 03/30/2017 - 16:43

I downloaded Scite using Belenos desktop interface, but Scite has issues with flickering background screen when navigating inside file. Finally I downloaded and am now running Emacs without any issues. None of these were problems with Toutatis. After installing Belenos, grub disallows me to return to the Trisquel 6.0 installation. I suspect hardware blobs specific to my machine, since I intentionally avoid any proprietary software or drivers.

Mar, 04/28/2020 - 07:43

Follow up: I tested Trisquel 8.0 on the aforementioned asus and to my surprise, all issues posted here disappeared. I was surprised to find gedit replaced with pluma. I needed, however, new wi-fi configuration names, according to ifconfig.


Following professional advice following a security incident with that asus machine in November 2019, I migrated to Trisquel 8.0 on a newly acquired lenovo thinkpad that is NOT crippled with soldered-in RAM and non-free BIOS modules.

The Network Manager for my wi-fi configuration on the asus had been remotely disabled and two of three wi-fi access point configurations were erased and made irreversibly read-only. I suspect that was a professionally organized inside job by criminal defendants.

Good news and belated thanks to the Trisquel developers:

Unlike comments posted elsewhere in the forums, Trisquel 8.0 is NOT much bigger, in fact it is more memory efficient and the CPU heats less. On the contrary, the Trisquel 8.0 installation appears to be more compact.

When T8 was tested on three different laptops, previously mentioned issues with SciTE were also gone!

Ven, 01/14/2022 - 18:51
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