WireGuard VPN doesnt work, and OpenVPN VPNs can connect but no website dns resolves

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Hi, WireGuard VPNs wont work at all on Trisquel 9 Mate. And OpenVPN VPNs connect, and can ping IPs, but wont load website URLs.

Please test and fix Trisquel 9..

OpenVPN works on Triskel 9 KDE.

Mer, 01/19/2022 - 03:39
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I can share that OpenVPN connections work correctly, I use one every day for long periods of time without issues.
About WireGuard, I don't have access such network, but I would argue that the main issue can be the server configuration or the client one.

Please use the Network manager applet to import the configuration as that's the easiest way to manage such connection.
About wireguard, please share here the documentation provided from your wireguard admin, and we can start a wiki to document such connection.


Sab, 01/29/2022 - 19:55

Hello again,

is there any other news on this issue?
is this still valid?

If not, this issue will be closed in about a week from now.

Sab, 02/05/2022 - 09:12
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