Ratpoison not added as login option

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Installing ratpoison via apt doesn't add it to lightdm window manager options. If I manually add the needed configuration file to /usr/share/xsessions it fixes the problem. But I don't think expecting users to manually add that file is intended.

If anyone had the same problem and couldn't fix it, just copy openbox.desktop but change the names and such.

Ven, 10/29/2021 - 20:17
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Please give more details on the package version, so we can lookup for the issue at hand.

It might be an known issue solved on later versions that some times don't reach updates.


Sab, 01/29/2022 - 12:38
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It very likely that the current lightdm version don't have support for such window manager, seems to be an advance one.
So users managing this one can clearly edit the needed files.

Please confirm lightdm has support for ratpoison in newer versions, if not then it might be needed to open a issue upstream (lightdm itself).
When such support arrives to upstream ubuntu we might be able to backport it.