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Issuecpio-doc is not packaged due to gfdl iank21 anno 35 settimane fa
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IssueWINE not installable because wine1.4-i486 "is a virtual package" (amd64 system) jeroenvs41 anno 48 settimane fa
Forum TopicTesting The Trisquel 8 Upgrade Process jxself531 anno 49 settimane fa
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Issuepackages missing after upgrade from Trisquel 7 chaosmonk71 anno 50 settimane fa
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IssueWrong naming of Rhythmbox in desktop panel knopton61 anno 50 settimane fa
IssueMissing atk9 drivers for ThinkPenguin's Wireless N USB Adapter (TPE-N150USB) mangeur de nuage21 anno 50 settimane fa
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IssueAbrowser > Privacy settings typo hartkemd22 anni 18 ore fa
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Issueenigmail package has unmet dependency jah22 anni 3 giorni fa
IssueUnity not installable kpengboy12 anni 1 settimana fa
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Forum TopicCan't boot Trisquel 8 from USB Adam Worthy192 anni 2 settimane fa
Forum TopicTemperatures inside pc high? GrevenGull682 anni 2 settimane fa
Issuewine doesn't install on latest trisquel 7, with updates installed libreleah22 anni 2 settimane fa
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Forum TopicHow does one respond to this statement? Aristophanes202 anni 4 settimane fa
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