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Beigetreten: 12/22/2004

Following discussion at the last development meeting, we will be moving
our IRC presence (channels #trisquel and #trisquel-dev) to the
Libera.Chat network. With this change we will continue to be hosted by
the same team of volunteers that have hosted us for many years.

The Libera.Chat network can be accessed via (TLS)
using an IRC client, or with a web browser at

A notice will be posted on the Freenode channels indicating the change.



I am a member!

Beigetreten: 09/21/2010

Hi quidam,

I updated the Development page also :
By the way is it possible to update please the Roadmap page too(about current status):

Can update it by myself, but I missed last development meetings.

Many thanks in advance,