Development of the Trisquel distribution happens on the collaborative code management system, which uses git.

  • Fresh images for Beta-testers: Trisquel 11 (modified 04-Oct-2022 21:18)

  • Create bug reports: See GitLab

Projects - Trisquel on Gitlab

All projects are managed through this system. The main projects are:

  • Package-helpers: scripts that take source packages from an apt repository to modify and build Trisquel versions. This is the main way to provide features to the project, and fix bugs.
  • Trisquel-packages: packages that are native to Trisquel, including desktop customizations and meta-packages.
  • Makeiso: the script that generates ISO images from the repositories.
  • Ubuntu-purge: a set of scripts that clean up the main upstream repositories, removing non-free packages and branding.


How to get an account to the Trisquel GitLab instance?

Due to GitLab's lack of support for SPAM-free technologies, we find ourselves direly needing to manually manage user accounts on our GitLab instance.

For which we would appreciate it if you wish to participate by reporting incidents, publishing corrections, or writing documentation in GitLab, request access through the development mailing list, where you will be attended to as soon as possible by an administrator and your request will be answered.

We appreciate your understanding and support in the development of the project.


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