First batch of Trisquel USB keys sent

Hi, dear Trisquel friends!Trisquel Keychain

Two weeks ago we finally managed to send the first batch of Trisquel USB keys to our associated members. We sent a confirmation email once we had the envelopes ready as we thought that maybe some of you had changed postal address since then. As only about half of the messages sent got replied, we guess people change email addresses as well ;-)

So, if you received the message but thought it was some kind of elaborate scam (We supposed this could happen), please answer it now with your confirmation or new postal address. If you've changed the email account you used while registering as a member, please contact us to confirm where we should send your gift.

Finally, wading through the data Paypal sends us is slightly messy and prone to confusion, so if you feel we've forgotten about you, please tell us so using the contact form as well. If you registered as a member after July 1st, the date of our last Paypal data dump, we'll send your gift in the next batch, as soon as we get more flash drives.

Thanks a lot for your patience, expect great news from us soon!