Abrowser broke.

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Hi folks,

I opened up Abrowser (without any problems). and a little notice down the bottom suggested that I refresh it because it's been a while since I had done so. Not thinking much of it, I took its advice and refreshed it.

I can't remember which of the two happened first:

Either, Abrowser closed and reopened and went through the process of importing settings such as bookmarks etc.Or Abrowser opened and a box asking me to choose which profile I wanted to select. There was one listed "default" and "default" with a string of numbers after it. I clicked on the default with the string of numbers as I figured that was the one that generated through my use of Abrowser.

Abrowser opened as usual except all my plugins were gone and all the settings were reverted back to factory settings.

I then closed Abrowser and reopened it, and it brought me to the profile select box. This time I selected "default" (without hte numbers) and it said that the profile was missing or inaccessible.

So I rebooted the computer, reopened Abrowser and it brought me to the profile select box again.

Any ideas what happened?

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You chose to reset your profile, so the addons are gone and settings reverted. That's normal behavior.