Abrowser Doesn't Sync. Broken? How do I fix it?

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Hello, I just got my Trisquel laptop from Los Alamos Computers (laclinux.com). I am trying to get Abrowser to "Sync" my bookmarks, etc, but I find it is just hanging indefinitely after I enter my login details. Any idea what is going on?

I am trying to avoid installing IceCat since I feel its not necessary to install another browser when Abrowser should be working.

Another note - I am an advanced beginner in Linux, so I would appreciate more descriptive help with this. Many thanks.

- David

PS - I have attached a screen shot of where I am stuck at.

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Dolus Astus
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Dunno how to fix it in Abrowser but the easiest thing is to remove it and use IceCat.

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... @Dolus Astus, are you saying that you also have the issue I described with Abrowser? I wonder if it's just me somehow...

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It is broken for all.


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Firefox sync doesn't work in ABrowser, but you can manually export your bookmarks as HTML and then import them to ABrowser is you need them. It seems like a pain, but really takes about the same time as syncing them anyway.

It would be nice if the feature worked on a later build though.